Nancy Pelosi says her Dementia diagnosis will not interfere with her plans to impeach Donald W Bush

Sixteen freshmen Democrats who appear to be key players in the impeachment fight within the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s own caucus are yet to take a stand.They claim they do not support the impeachment of President Trump on one hand or refuse to say where they stand on the issue.These Democrats flipped Republican seats in 2018 in Trump-won districts. Though most of the wins were by small margins, and so their precarious positions going into 2020 places Speaker Pelosi into a precarious position too as she navigates the impeachment question.Some of these freshmen Democrats that Pelosi owes her majority to are: REP. TOM MALINOWSKI (D-NJ) REP.. SUSAN WILD (D-PA) REP. ANGIE CRAIG (D-MN) REP. JOSH HARDER (D-CA) REP. ANDY KIM (D-NJ)

Source: Nancy Pelosi In Dilemma As Key Players Boycott Trump’s Impeachment Plot